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Monograms Arrow 2017: Africa Vacations Arrow 2017: South African Sojourn with Botswana (IQSD)
2017: South African Sojourn with Botswana (IQSD)
13 days from Cape Town to Johannesburg
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Tour OperatorMonograms
OfferOffer valid through 6/30/2017
13 Days
Escorted - No
Day 1Cape TownWelcome to South Africa! Arrive late in the evening and check in to your hotel.
Day 2Cape TownStart your PRIVATE GUIDED TOUR with a CABLE-CAR RIDE up Table Mountain (weather permitting). Here, enjoy stunning views of the city and surrounding area. Next, stop at Boulders Beach and visit a COLONY OF ENDANGERED AFRICAN PENGUINS, known for the unique sound they make. After lunch, continue on to CAPE POINT NATURE RESERVE. Stop at the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point, the southwesternmost point of the African continent, for incredible panoramic views. On your return journey, skirt the rocky coastline as you ascend Chapman's Peak Drive, one of the most spectacular drives in the world, then continue through the fishing village of Hout Bay. The evening is at your leisure in Cape Town. (B,L)
Day 3Cape TownEnjoy a full day at your leisure. Your Local Host is happy to make recommendations. (B)
Day 4Kruger National Park AreaToday, fly to the KRUGER NATIONAL PARK AREA and transfer to your lodge in a private game reserve. The Kruger area is famous for its abundance of wildlife, so you have a great chance to see the 'Big 5'-lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and buffalo. Other animals you may see include kudu, impala, giraffe, hippo, cheetah, spotted hyena, wildebeest, bushbaby, and more! This afternoon, embark on your first GAME DRIVE and stop for SUNDOWNER DRINKS as the sun sets over the bushveld. (B,D)
Day 5Kruger AreaEnjoy two full days of game viewing in this wondrous land. Wake up early for a MORNING GAME DRIVE in an open-air, 4-wheel-drive Land Rover. Your skilled, professional Ranger will help you learn about this special ecosystem as you view wildlife up close. After breakfast at your lodge, take advantage of free time to swim, read, or enjoy a drink at the bar. Tea will be served prior to your AFTERNOON GAME DRIVE. As the sun sets, stop for SUNDOWNER DRINKS in the bush. Return to your lodge in time to freshen up before dinner. (B,L,D daily)
Day 6Kruger AreaEnjoy two full days of game viewing in this wondrous land. Wake up early for a MORNING GAME DRIVE in an open-air, 4-wheel-drive Land Rover. Your skilled, professional Ranger will help you learn about this special ecosystem as you view wildlife up close. After breakfast at your lodge, take advantage of free time to swim, read, or enjoy a drink at the bar. Tea will be served prior to your AFTERNOON GAME DRIVE. As the sun sets, stop for SUNDOWNER DRINKS in the bush. Return to your lodge in time to freshen up before dinner. (B,L,D daily)
Day 7JohannesburgEnjoy one last GAME DRIVE this morning before flying to Johannesburg. The remainder of the day is at your leisure. (B)
Day 8JohannesburgToday's PRIVATE SIGHTSEEING TOUR starts with a visit to the unforgettable APARTHEID MUSEUM. Here, you will learn about the founding of South Africa before delving into the apartheid years. Continue on to SOWETO (South Western Township), the largest township in the country. You will see the Hector Pieterson Memorial, dedicated to the 12-year-old boy killed by police during a demonstration in 1976, and the neighborhood that was home to Nobel Peace Prize winners Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela. Visit MANDELA HOUSE to gain perspective on life here. Enjoy lunch in a local restaurant before transferring back to your hotel for time at leisure. (B,L)
Day 9Okavango DeltaToday, fly to the famed OKAVANGO DELTA. This vast area features various ecosystems-wetlands, mopane forest, flood plains, and dry savannah woodland, making it ideal for game viewing. After settling in, embark on an AFTERNOON GAME ACTIVITY. (B,L,D)

Shared game activities in the Okavango vary by lodge/camp.
Day 10OkavangoEnjoy MORNING & AFTERNOON GAME ACTIVITIES today. Spot cheetah, hyena, impala, Cape buffalo, and more. If you are lucky, you might even see the reclusive leopard. (B,L,D)
Day 11Chobe National Park AreaToday, fly to CHOBE NATIONAL PARK, featuring some of the greatest concentrations of wildlife in Africa. Enjoy an AFTERNOON GAME ACTIVITY before dinner. (B,L,D)

Shared game activities in Chobe consist of game drives and boat excursions.
Day 12Chobe AreaExplore this stunning land on MORNING & AFTERNOON GAME ACTIVITIES. You may see giraffe, lion, lechwe, and huge herds of elephant. It is said that these are the largest elephants in the world. Spend the middle of the day at your leisure. (B,L,D)
Day 13Homebound FlightYour vacation ends with a flight back to Johannesburg to connect with your homebound flight. Book homebound flights after 5:30 pm. (B)
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April 30, 2017Land Only Price$5,399.00 (USD)Quote
May 01, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 02, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 03, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 04, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 05, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 06, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 07, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 08, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 09, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 10, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 11, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 12, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 13, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 14, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 15, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 16, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 17, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 18, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 19, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 20, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 21, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 22, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 23, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 24, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 25, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 26, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 27, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 28, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 29, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 30, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
May 31, 2017Land Only Price$5,209.00 (USD)Quote
June 01, 2017Land Only Price$5,229.00 (USD)Quote
June 02, 2017Land Only Price$5,229.00 (USD)Quote
June 03, 2017Land Only Price$5,229.00 (USD)Quote
June 04, 2017Land Only Price$5,229.00 (USD)Quote
June 05, 2017Land Only Price$5,229.00 (USD)Quote
June 06, 2017Land Only Price$5,229.00 (USD)Quote
June 07, 2017Land Only Price$5,229.00 (USD)Quote
June 08, 2017Land Only Price$5,229.00 (USD)Quote
June 09, 2017Land Only Price$5,229.00 (USD)Quote
June 10, 2017Land Only Price$5,229.00 (USD)Quote
June 11, 2017Land Only Price$5,229.00 (USD)Quote
June 12, 2017Land Only Price$5,229.00 (USD)Quote
June 13, 2017Land Only Price$5,229.00 (USD)Quote
June 14, 2017Land Only Price$5,229.00 (USD)Quote
June 15, 2017Land Only Price$5,229.00 (USD)Quote
June 16, 2017Land Only Price$5,229.00 (USD)Quote
June 17, 2017Land Only Price$5,229.00 (USD)Quote
June 18, 2017Land Only Price$5,229.00 (USD)Quote
June 19, 2017Land Only Price$5,229.00 (USD)Quote
June 20, 2017Land Only Price$5,229.00 (USD)Quote
June 21, 2017Land Only Price$5,229.00 (USD)Quote
June 22, 2017Land Only Price$5,369.00 (USD)Quote
June 23, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
June 24, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
June 25, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
June 26, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
June 27, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
June 28, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
June 29, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
June 30, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
July 01, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
July 02, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
July 03, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
July 04, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
July 05, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
July 06, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
July 07, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
July 08, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
July 09, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
July 10, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
July 11, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
July 12, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
July 13, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
July 14, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
July 15, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
July 16, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
July 17, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
July 18, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
July 19, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
July 20, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
July 21, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
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July 26, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
July 27, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
July 28, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
July 29, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
July 30, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
July 31, 2017Land Only Price$5,509.00 (USD)Quote
August 01, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
August 02, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
August 03, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
August 04, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
August 05, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
August 06, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
August 07, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
August 08, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
August 09, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
August 10, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
August 11, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
August 12, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
August 13, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
August 14, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
August 15, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
August 16, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
August 17, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
August 18, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
August 19, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
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September 01, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
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September 12, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
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September 14, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
September 15, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
September 16, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
September 17, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
September 18, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
September 19, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
September 20, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
September 21, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
September 22, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
September 23, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
September 24, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
September 25, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
September 26, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
September 27, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
September 28, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
September 29, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
September 30, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
October 01, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
October 02, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
October 03, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
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October 13, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
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October 15, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
October 16, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
October 17, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
October 18, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
October 19, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
October 20, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
October 21, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
October 22, 2017Land Only Price$5,749.00 (USD)Quote
October 23, 2017Land Only Price$5,609.00 (USD)Quote
October 24, 2017Land Only Price$5,469.00 (USD)Quote
October 25, 2017Land Only Price$5,469.00 (USD)Quote
October 26, 2017Land Only Price$5,469.00 (USD)Quote
October 27, 2017Land Only Price$5,469.00 (USD)Quote
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October 29, 2017Land Only Price$5,469.00 (USD)Quote
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November 01, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
November 02, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
November 03, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
November 04, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
November 05, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
November 06, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
November 07, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
November 08, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
November 09, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
November 10, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
November 11, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
November 12, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
November 13, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
November 14, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
November 15, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
November 16, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
November 17, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
November 18, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
November 19, 2017Land Only Price$5,529.00 (USD)Quote
November 20, 2017Land Only Price$5,419.00 (USD)Quote
November 21, 2017Land Only Price$5,309.00 (USD)Quote
November 22, 2017Land Only Price$5,119.00 (USD)Quote
November 23, 2017Land Only Price$4,929.00 (USD)Quote
November 24, 2017Land Only Price$4,929.00 (USD)Quote
November 25, 2017Land Only Price$4,929.00 (USD)Quote
November 26, 2017Land Only Price$4,929.00 (USD)Quote
November 27, 2017Land Only Price$4,929.00 (USD)Quote
November 28, 2017Land Only Price$4,929.00 (USD)Quote
November 29, 2017Land Only Price$4,929.00 (USD)Quote
November 30, 2017Land Only Price$4,929.00 (USD)Quote
December 01, 2017Land Only Price$4,949.00 (USD)Quote
December 02, 2017Land Only Price$4,949.00 (USD)Quote
December 03, 2017Land Only Price$4,949.00 (USD)Quote
December 04, 2017Land Only Price$4,949.00 (USD)Quote
December 05, 2017Land Only Price$4,949.00 (USD)Quote
December 06, 2017Land Only Price$4,949.00 (USD)Quote
December 07, 2017Land Only Price$4,949.00 (USD)Quote
December 08, 2017Land Only Price$4,949.00 (USD)Quote
December 09, 2017Land Only Price$4,949.00 (USD)Quote
December 10, 2017Land Only Price$4,949.00 (USD)Quote
December 11, 2017Land Only Price$4,949.00 (USD)Quote
December 12, 2017Land Only Price$4,949.00 (USD)Quote
December 13, 2017Land Only Price$4,949.00 (USD)Quote
December 14, 2017Land Only Price$4,949.00 (USD)Quote
December 15, 2017Land Only Price$4,949.00 (USD)Quote
December 16, 2017Land Only Price$4,949.00 (USD)Quote
December 17, 2017Land Only Price$4,949.00 (USD)Quote
December 18, 2017Land Only Price$4,949.00 (USD)Quote
December 19, 2017Land Only Price$4,949.00 (USD)Quote
December 20, 2017Land Only Price$4,949.00 (USD)Quote
December 21, 2017Land Only Price$4,969.00 (USD)Quote
December 22, 2017Land Only Price$4,989.00 (USD)Quote
December 23, 2017Land Only Price$4,939.00 (USD)Quote
December 24, 2017Land Only Price$4,889.00 (USD)Quote
December 25, 2017Land Only Price$4,889.00 (USD)Quote
December 26, 2017Land Only Price$4,889.00 (USD)Quote
December 27, 2017Land Only Price$4,889.00 (USD)Quote
December 28, 2017Land Only Price$4,889.00 (USD)Quote
December 29, 2017Land Only Price$4,889.00 (USD)Quote
December 30, 2017Land Only Price$4,889.00 (USD)Quote
December 31, 2017Land Only Price$4,889.00 (USD)Quote
January 01, 2018Land Only Price$4,849.00 (USD)Quote
US$ Price Details

Dates & Prices do not include air travel.
Participation in this vacation requires purchase of the following flights from Monograms, not included in pricing: (1) roundtrip air from your U.S. gateway and intra-vacation air segments; or (2) intra-vacation air segments only, starting at $2,087. Required intra-vacation air segments: Cape Town/Kruger; Kruger/Johannesburg; Johannesburg/Okavango Delta; Okavango Delta/Kasane; Kasane/Johannesburg. Air prices were effective on July 13, 2016 and their availability is limited. At the time you purchase your vacation, air prices may be higher.

2018 departures are subject to itinerary and price modifications. Details will be available in July 2017.

  • All game viewing is done at your own risk. We will require a signed liability waiver prior to travel.
  • Check with your travel agent or physician regarding the latest health requirements for travel to South Africa and Botswana.
  • We do not recommend this vacation to people with serious back problems, as it can be quite rough while driving on/off game park trails.
  • Due to airline restrictions, your suitcase cannot exceed 44 lbs.
  • Due to limited capacity on charter flights, your luggage must be soft sided with dimensions not exceeding 26'x12'x10' or weight exceeding 44 lbs including hand luggage. These flights also have a per person weight restriction of 220 lbs, so the weight of each passenger will be required and an extra seat charge may apply.
* The "Starting at" or listed price is based on the lowest price available to book. Price is per passenger based on double occupancy and does not include airfare; additional fees/charges are not included. Pricing may vary on this date due to hotel availability. Some packages require intra-vacation flights (and in some cases intra-vacation segments must be purchased from Monograms).

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Important Notes
  • Vacation departures, itineraries and prices are subject to change.
  • A non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is required for Monograms to reserve space for you. View Terms & Conditions for limited exceptions.
  • The following charges are not included in the land vacation price unless otherwise noted: airfare to and from the start of your vacation; Intra-vacation air unless specified in the itinerary; airline baggage fees including checked and/or excess baggage fees; Federal inspection fees for the Federal U.S. Customs and Immigrations; International Air Transportation tax; agricultural tax; other per person taxes imposed by government entities; airport taxes and fees including the September 11th Security fee up to $10 per person, passenger facility charges up to $18 per person, Federal domestic flight segment fees up to $3.70 per segment, and U.S. and International arrival and departure and other government-imposed added by the airline and applicable at time of booking; port taxes; passports; visas and vaccinations; tips to your Cruise Director, Local Host, driver, Local Guides, and/or ship's crew; gratuities on ferries, trains, and cruise ships; laundry; telephone; minibar; alcohol, beverages, and food outside of the contracted Monograms menu as presented at a hotel or restaurant or onboard your vessel (these extra items will be billed to you before leaving the hotel, ship, or restaurant); airport transfers on non-qualifying flights; optional excursions; additional activities and excursions purchased online; porterage at airports and train stations; Travel Protection; and all other items of a personal nature.

    Booking your Vacation with Air
    For air departure dates within 331 days, you'll be offered a choice of carriers and flight schedules as well as price points to choose from when selecting your flights. Your schedule will be provided to you at the time of booking (schedules are subject to change by carriers). Monograms offers 2 air options: Flex Air and Instant Purchase Air. Flex Air allows flexibility if you want to make changes to your vacation schedule. Instant Purchase Air may offer additional airline options but has more restrictions. Some vacations may only offer one Air type option. Guaranteed air-inclusive prices: air is only available to passengers traveling from the United States and only available when booked in conjunction with a land vacation. An additional $300 per person non-refundable air deposit is required for Flex Air booked in conjunction with any land vacation (i.e. air-inclusive vacation). Air can only be booked by Monograms in conjunction with a vacation package. Instant Purchase Air requires air payment in full at time of booking (i.e. air-inclusive vacation) plus non-refundable service fee ($30 per person for North America, $80 per person for South Pacific, $50 per person for all other destinations). Once booked, Instant Purchase Air is non-refundable, and non-changeable. Some vacations may only offer one Air type option. However, once your airfare is confirmed and Monograms has received your full air and land deposit, your air-inclusive vacation price is guaranteed.

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