Packing for a 7 night cruise

Packing for a 7 night cruise can actually be overwhelming for many women. It's really easy to over pack and bring more than you will ever wear. 

Shoes seem to be the hardest item to keep to a minimum.

Here's what you really need -

A pair of black dress shoes that will go with everything.

A pair of comfortable walking shoes.

A pair of beach sandals.

Of course we all tend to throw in an extra pair or two but if we remember the three that we really need, than we will be set.

Also bring two bathing suits. Having two bathing suits will allow time for one to dry while you are wearing the other. 






Travel Insurance 

Travel Insurance, to buy or not to buy? As a travel agent I usually always practice what I preach and purchase travel insurance. Having the insurance gives me security and peace of mind; because, you never know what life may throw at you. Insurance is the best way to protect your vacation investment. I am going to share a recent experience. 

The one time I decided to save the money and not purchase Travel Insurance was the time I actually needed it. There were a total of 3 of us in the cabin for a 7 day cruise. The cost of insurance for all 3 of us was somewhere around $100. I decided to skip it. This was my first time ever not taking insurance and was the most costly mistake. 

Getting on the ship we all felt fine and excited. The next day my son started complaining of a sore throat. I looked in his throat and realized he will needed antibiotics. I brought him to the infirmary and they confirmed "Strep Throat".  Yes, he needed antibiotics. The next day both my partner and I felt like we were hit by a bus and our throat was hurtting. We both had to go to the infirmary and get antibiotics. Each visit to see the ship Doctor and antibiotics cost me around $140. Now take that $140 x3 = $426 extra that I did not plan on. 

If I had purchased the Travel Insurance I would have been reimbursed that $426. My one time trying to save $100 costed me an additional $426. Needless to say. I learned my lesson. I will always purchas Travel Insurance for every vacation. 

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